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Comfort bhi! Suraksha bhi!

Here at Wonderize we believe menstruation is not a period problem but a celebration of woman hood.
Women’s health and hygiene is what Wonderize works for. We are proud to bring a range of menstrual hygiene products with promise to protect women from any period discomfort & infection.

Comfort & Protection

Comfort & protection

Providing our users with wide range of menstrual hygiene products to experience a better quality of life with utmost comfort and protection.

Social Initiative

Social Initiative

Increasing the awareness of menstruation amongst young girls and women. We are here to empower women’s of our society by constantly looking for opportunities to create awareness regarding menstrual hygiene & be socially active.

Cost effective & Highest Quality

Cost effective & highest quality

We believe in providing highest quality and safety to our customers along with the cost-effective & user friendly products.



Indian Weather Proof

Wonderize sanitary napkins are manufactured in India considering the Indian weather conditions using special Non-Woven material so that women can experience rash free periods.
We have also given soft cotton side edges in our sanitary pads which reduces friction and prevents the skin from rashes and irritation we want our users to feel the ease and comfort during their period days.

Perforated Flap Paper

Wonderize is the first brand to introduce “perforated flap paper” in sanitary napkins category. We have provided perforation on the flap release paper with a scissor mark, which makes it easier for the user to stick the flap one by one on the panty and prevent from uneven sticking of pad.
User will have to tear the flap release paper as marked and remove the release paper from one side and stick on the panty, same process will be repeated for another side. Perforated flap paper helps with easy and hassle-free fitting and sticking of the pad on the panty.

Uniquely Shaped Flaps

We have given a unique U shaped cut on the sides of flap, which helps the user to make sure from where to fold the flaps and makes it easier to stick the pad on panty with perfect placement and fitting of sanitary pad.



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