7 creative ways women say ‘I’m on my period!'

7 creative ways women say ‘I’m on my period!'

7 creative ways women say ‘I’m on my period!’ 

When something like periods is such a frequent happening in our lives, it becomes inevitable that we play around and come up with funny, innovative names for this dreaded time of the month! Moreover, saying directly “I’m on my period” is more than a little graphic and Too Much Information (TMI) for those who really don’t want to know. So here are a few phrases women often use when declaring their periods!

1. Aunt Flo is here! This one is an oldie but a goldie. Heavy flow, light flow – there is flow! Hence, Ant Flo is paying me the visit.

2. I just entered Shark Week We are all probably aware with how riveted sharks are with blood. Sometimes we feel as though we have shed an ocean full of blood and we wouldn’t be surprised if we were attracting sharks.

3. My ketchup diet week just begun We have noticed how ketchup – blood red has a consistency as thick as something else we know of! So yes, a period is almost as though one is going on a ketchup diet.

4. The full stop is back Aren’t we smart and witty? A full stop, punctuation – wise is also a period. This way it is so easy to get away with talking about our periods anywhere without anyone getting as much as a clue!

5. The crimson Curse Crimson – such an apt colour and so much more accurate than the red we always call it. Of course, it is a lot like a curse – especially for the unlucky ones out here who have the entire package of stomach cramps, acne and back aches!

6. The Red Wedding For any and all of the Game of Thrones fans out there, you will definitely get this one! This modern spin on period nicknames makes sense due to the bloody massacre that took place in this GoT episode!

7. Hailing my hormones This is quite literal. During periods, our hormones are at an all-time high and well, sometimes we just don’t want to get creative.